The double stuff experiment

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Span classnews_dtaug 21 2013spannbsp018332oreo lovers have long debated how to eat them twisted dunked creme first or bite whole but just how stuffed oreos are they.

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The problem with this experiment is that it appears you only used one type of wafer to determine the wafer weights if you look at an original wafer compared to a double stuf wafer the design is different.

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Welcome to the official stanford prison experiment website which features extensive information about a classic psychology experiment that inspired an awardwinning movie new york times bestseller and documentary dvd.

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A high school math class recently found out that double stuf oreos arent actually double stuffed their experiment concluded that these twotiming treats consist of only 186 times more stuf.

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costco is it worth it ive often wondered if shopping at costco or any of the other big wholesale clubs is worthwhile after paying membership fees driving the distance to the store and standing in long lineups with pallets of peanut butter.

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The ongoing lunar laser ranging experiment measures the distance between earth and the moon using laser ranging lasers on earth are aimed at retroreflectors planted on the moon during the apollo program 11 14 and 15 the two lunokhod missions and the upcoming moonlight retroreflector to be deployed by the private mx1e lander the time for the reflected light to return is measured and.

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Winner basket starting to fill up with 1 and 2 wins the real gem of the lot was this ticket which won 60 the chances of getting this are 1 in 1500.

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experiment log for scp4472 approved by o5 monitored by o5 o5 o5 project head dr a clef all researchers working with scp447 are encouraged to append their results to this experiment log in the following format.

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This article is part 2 of the airbnb series start by reading part 1 here and when youre done visit part 3 and part 4 three months ago i launched the airbnb experiment im trying to satisfy a longheld curiosity how much more or less could i earn by running an airbnb vacation rental as compared with traditional landlording.

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